Google Is Now Looking At Social Signals
January 7, 2015 By Rohan Rossouw

So, you are doing everything right but are still not on the first page of Google? By ‘doing right’ I mean you have chosen the right keywords, you have placed the keywords on your website (content, tags, etc) and you have links from authority sites. I have news for you…that is not good enough anymore …


Defining negative SEO Negative SEO describes the act of intentionally jeopardizing a page’s or site ranking on Google. It includes spamming tactics on a website or over optimizing it with the aim of lowering its rank on Search Engines or in very severe cases, having it penalized. There are numerous other ways in which negative …

Best & Most Accurate Keyword Ranking Checker
June 12, 2014 By Rohan Rossouw

Do you know where your website’s keywords are ranked on Google? It is obviously very important to know and here is the best tool to check it! Pricing starts from ($5) R50 per month but it is worth every cent. You can check rankings live on the net 24/7 and you can also configure it …

What Google thinks about SEO
May 17, 2014 By Rohan Rossouw

Here is what Google thinks about SEO. Contrary to popular belief they don’t seem to have a problem with it (according to this article written by them) as long as you comply with their guidelines. SEO Studio seems to be in the green  It is also has good advice on choosing the right Search Engine …

Limited offer
May 12, 2014 By Rohan Rossouw

I’m busy setting up a concept to assist smaller businesses in SA to get more customers from the internet. I will drive customers to their websites with SEO (obviously) and will offer them an early bird (time limited) offer so that they too can experience the power of the internet. I will do another post …

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