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My Easy ‘Trick’ To Generate Useful Blog Topics

By November 20, 2023No Comments
My Easy ‘Trick’ to generate useful Blog Topics For Your Website In South Africa

As you probably know by now, posting regular blogs on your website is SUPER important.


4 Reasons why you should absolutely do it:

  • Google loves regularly updated content
  • Grow your website bigger than your competitors
  • The more pages your website has, the more traffic it can attract
  • It will push your main keywords HIGHER on Google because it creates relevancy


My biggest hurdle with content generation was always to come up with useful and relevant topics.

That was until I figured out a fantastic prompt to feed the mighty CHATGPT.

It took me months to perfect, you now have it in seconds!


Seriously, it doesn’t get easier than this.

With no further ado…here’s my exact prompt (well, one of them).


Open CHATGPT and copy my prompt below:

[Provide 48 supporting blog topics for the main keyword: “Your Keyword”. Get info from “https://yourwebsite”. Provide a different search intent for each so that the blog content is not repetitive for each topic.]


Did you do it? How COOL is that!?

I’ve just disclosed one of my closely-guarded secrets……😱

Share this with your friends who own websites. They’ll ❤️ you forever.