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One Quick & FREE Thing I Do To Rank Any Website Higher On Google

By November 24, 2023No Comments
One QUICK thing I do to rank websites HIGHER in South Africa

The first thing I do to help clients’ websites go UP on Google…

Is to see if their keywords they want to be found for is in 3 (or best 4) really important places on their website.

Here they are…

1 – Title tag

2 – Description tag

3 – H1 tag

4 – In the URL (not always possible, but REALLY good if you can)


Out of the thousands of websites I have worked on, MANY don’t have this CRUCIAL step in place 🤯

In fact, if you don’t do this, Google won’t be able to rank your website in the top spots.

It’s simple to do and it’s FREE.

And you might even see jumps in rankings within a few days.


Make sure to do this today if you want to rank HIGHER 🚀