Rohan’s take on SEO

Hi there,

I’m not going to tell you how much your business needs SEO, how good I am, how I do it, etc. I’m especially not going to bore you with the technical stuff unless you want me to.

SEO is a process where you ‘please’ Google in return for rankings on the first page. Everybody wants to be on the first page, that is where the traffic is. Traffic to your website = money in your pocket. Simple math.

By ‘pleasing’ Google, links are needed. Quality links from quality websites to your website. That is how simple it is. Nothing more, nothing less. Don’t let ‘SEO Gurus’ confuse you with their technical SEO talk. Let them show you their rankings.

This game is won by the guy who has the highest budget (as with most things in business). The good news is that in South Africa, you can still completely dominate your market for as little as R3,850 per month, depending on your industry.

I invest most of the fee back into your marketing campaign (by getting top notch links to your website) until you are ranked on the first page (I don’t know of many ‘seo experts’ doing this) and I keep on doing this so that you stay at the #1 position.

If money is not an issue and you would like the FerrariĀ of SEO, then this is for you. The rule stays the same, money makes money. If you want to pay someone R500 to do your SEO, don’t expect to make R50,000 back. In fact, don’t expect anything.

It is true that no one can guarantee first page rankings. SEO is unfortunately not an exact science BUT that causes a grey area, a ton of people has lost a lot of money and the ‘SEO expert’ always walks away the winner…I won’t buy a car without a guarantee and I would therefore not expect you to throw money at me without a guarantee. I offer a personal guarantee with your order. Details will be provided when we get in contact.

You won’t be tied into any contracts with me. We will work on a month to month basis. If I get results, you will stay (like most of my clients) for many years. If I don’t deliver, well then you have the option to duck (not empty handed), explained in my guarantee.

There is only one question for you to answer: Do you think that you will make at least double your SEO investment back if your industry’s main keywords are on the first page of Google?

Yes – go for it.

No – don’t waste your money onĀ search engine marketing.